Responsive Designs

What Responsive Means?

A Responsive Design or more so website is a website which can dynamically change its layout, content and overall look depending on the size of the screen or window on a device.

responsive design example
camera bean bags website responsive

Website of created by myself HCL Design

Why You Need a Responsive Site?

Having a responsive website is extremely important in these modern days of the internet. There are endless benefits of having a responsive website but these are some of the most important reasons.

  • Easy to use on all devices
  • Professional image for site
  • Faster Webpages
  • Better Google and Search Engine rankings 
  • Accessible on all devices
  • Easier navigation 
  • More mobile traffic
  • Improved online browsing experience

Website Traffic By Device 2017

Desktop & Laptops
Mobile Phones
Other Devices

In the recent years mobile devices such as Phones and Tablets have become increasingly popular to be used to browse the web. Mobile Phones are now the most used device taking over from the traditional Desktop and Laptop PC. Portable devices are though to keep growing in the web market becoming more and more popular for browsing websites. This is why it is so important to have a responsive site as at least half your website visitors will probably be using a portable device such as a Phone or Tablet.

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